Welcome to the Moshi Monsters: Trapped WikiEdit

Welcome to the wiki. This is a wiki for a new show coming to youtube called Trapped. A Moshi monster show. About Zombies and Death. Rated PG.

Coming 2014!.

Cleo finds herself lost in the middle of a messed up world. Unknown of her surroundings. As things are coming back from the dead and eating the living. She stumbles into Mackenzie and a whole new life is made.

Contains Blood and a bit of romance. Rated PG. If you can't handle fake blood and toys fighting. I recommend not to watch this show. :) thanks.


This wiki is made in advance, ready to update if anything new happens in the show :)

The CreatorEdit

Want to ask something to the creator? visit their room: ask anything, with a click of a button <-- the creators new moshi monster

Moshi MonstersEdit

Moshi Monsters is an online game for children aged  5 and up. It is a child friendly game.  You adopt your own monster and make friends, play games and get your own pets, called, Moshlings.


Moshi Monster figures where created for moshi monster fans. These are what I will be using in the show. They are the monsters, moshlings and there are other things like the treehouse, moshling zoo and more


Episodes are set to be over 5 mnutes long. Witht he exception of the first one, as it may not be very long

Are the scripts written?Edit

Only two scripts are written at the moment, episode one and two.


Anything you should know will be listed here, take a look :)

  • Some Moshis play Zombies, but sometimes come back to play more and soon maybe a survivor, Look out for that ;)

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